Constipation-post-delivery treatment

Constipation post delivery

Constipation post delivery

Everyone warns , guides and advises you about the delivery of the baby. However, no one prepares you for the ‘second birth’ in other words your first bowel movement after delivering baby. What’s more it can be more painful if you’ve had a c section (I talk from experience) or had vaginal stitches. Usually your bowels will take a few days to get back to normal. 

After spending hours looking on the internet after my first baby was born for hints and tips I quickly realised there were snippets of information on some forums and a few tips on articles here and there. However, there was not a nice, fully informative article out there on how to deal and treat constipation post delivery so I’ve decided to write a piece for my blog below.

Enjoy reading and remember your bowel movement will come but if you have any concerns or worries don’t hesitate to speak to your midwife or GP.

Helpful tips to combat constipation post delivery:

  • Certain pain medication can make constipation worse i.e. opiates like morphine and codeine therefore if you’re taking them in hospital i.e. after c-section make sure you’re given a laxative as needed  
  • Eat plenty of fibre such as fibre based cereal, brown bread , fruit and vegetables. Really think about having good fibre all throughout your pregnancy as it was not only prevent constipation during pregnancy which will reduce your risk of piles, it will also hopefully give you a good bowel movement after birth. 
  • Drink plenty of water it will keep your stools nice and soft
  • If you’ve got stomach gas (which causes awful cramps) try peppermint tea
  • Prunes are well known to help get those bowels moving! You could try prune juice but I found eating them a lot more pleasant and easier
  • Try not to strain particularly if you had surgery - it may help to hold a small pillow next to your stomach if your post c-section 
  • Raise your feet slightly on a stool as the position may help a bowel movement along
  • Mobilise as soon as you as walking can help stimulate your bowels and pass wind
  • Try to take something into the toilet that may distract you i.e. book, magazine

Remember if you are concerned, or struggling after a few days to open your bowels of have any of the symptoms below call your GP: 

  • Unable to open bowels after 3 days
  • Unable to pass wind
  • Blood in stool
  • Severe anal pain
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Alternating diarrhoea and constipation
  • Vomiting or distend stomach